Inspired by the History & Folklore of the South Carolina Lowcountry



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There has long been a fascination with the supernatural in the South Carolina lowcountry. Even in modern times, beliefs and superstitions about the paranormal continue to persist. Fears and anxieties about hexes, haints, and hags are simply part of life, even for many who by their religious faith and adherence to scientific thought should condemn such beliefs.

Bugs 'N Boo Hags places you in this strange world. You are Jack McCleary, the longtime "witchdoctor sheriff" of Beaufort County who uses white magic to reverse the effects of dark spells and hexes. As Sheriff McCleary, you must defend the homes of your citizens from invasion by that most dreaded of evil spirits, the Boo Hag, who has the power to drain a sleeping person's life-force to the point of paralysis—or even death.

Conventional weapons don't work—instead, your arsenal consists of corn brooms, salt shakers, and "haint blue" paint. The Boo Hag knows you're coming, however, and she has recruited an army of frightful creatures to stand in your way.

Will you be able to save the people of Beaufort County, or will the Boo Hag ride them to death? It's time to grab your paintbrush and find out!

Bugs 'N Boo Hags is a 2D single-screen arcade style platformer with tower defense elements, an 80s pixel-art look, and original chiptune music. Both the graphics and gameplay are inspired by the history, culture, and folklore of the South Carolina lowcountry region, particularly in and around the historic seaside city of Beaufort and the surrounding Sea Islands.

Designed to appeal to both core gamers as well as those who are nostalgic for an authentic retro arcade experience, Bugs 'N Boo Hags is presently being prepared for an all-new "mobile deluxe edition" release exclusively for iOS in 2024.

As the local people say, “Don't let the hag ride ya!”

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